Everyone has a right to drama. It is a shared cultural activity, that helps us to search out knowledge and understanding. Our imagination and our social and spiritual well-being are of paramount importance to the growth of ourselves as individuals and the community to which we belong.

The world of theatre and performance encompasses a wide range of human and technological skills. It is challenging and diverse. Students need to focus on the dynamics found in theatre whilst also paying attention to the social skills required in order to achieve a balance between drama in education and drama through education. This means we use drama as a tool for learning any kind of content, but we also learn drama as an art form in its own right. The beauty of drama is its ability to give an insight into themselves and the world around them. In due course this aids in the understanding of their own mental and physical well-being.


KS3 – Setting up drama as a discreet subject in key stage 3, I researched other schools both in county and around the country to see what they include in their curriculum. I then cross referenced these to see the most common topics and created a map of these to use as the foundation for my planning; before doing further research to build on my personal knowledge of drama to create fantastic lesson plans. The aim being to make all lessons, fun, interesting and educational.

Each lesson includes small group work and whole class games; has a key skill focus and works through the theory of the topic. In year 7 the focus is physical skills – facial expressions, body language, stage directions, genre, mime, fourth wall and improvisation. In year 8 the focus is technical skills – green screen and masks.

RSL – Has 2 units


Students who are studying the RSL course have all completed and passed their first exam piece. This was a piece of Theatre in Education based around Dia de Los Muertos which they performed to year 5 students from Ludgvan school. 100% success rate.

There most recent impact on the wider community has been shown with students performing to Madron Women’s Institute (and being invited back after a successful evening). For this they performed a Murder Mystery where the audience had to guess the culprit.

They have been to the Hall for Cornwall to watch Cinderella and attended a follow up workshop from the staff there. As well as additional workshops provided by HfC and the Minack Theatre. There is regular promotion through the school newsletter. Starting in year 7, everything students learn works on a spiral curriculum building their knowledge and skills to achieve live performances.

Current evidence shows students are engaged and keen to learn and develop. Studying drama doesn’t just help students to pass their course, it provides them with skills they can carry through life. Aiding them from day-to-day interactions; to job interviews; to Hollywood productions and beyond.