School Uniform

Mounts Bay Academy is proud of its uniform and it ensures that we all look the same – showing membership of the Mounts Bay Academy community as well as not allowing any judgements to be made concerning perceived wealth or membership of social or political groups.

Uniform is important to us and we have high expectations. Equity is a core value at Mounts Bay Academy and so these uniform rules apply to all students, unless there are significant reasons as to why an alternative has to be worn. Where this is the case, students are asked to bring in documentation from the relevant medical or other professional and alternative arrangements can usually be made.

There is also a professional dress code for members of staff as well.

There are specific requirements for the Mounts Bay Academy uniform.

You can buy new uniform items including blazer, tie and PE clothing from our supplier Whirlwind Sports: Whirlwind Sports

Non-branded items can be bought from any suitable supplier

We have some older branded PE items for sale, which you can purchase here: UniformD