Our Physical Education Curriculum throughout both key stages explicitly teaches the necessary knowledge and skills to enable pupils to become confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners in sport. We use a variety of teaching methods so pupils can develop a range of learning styles. Lesson are always are differentiated to ensure that all pupils are challenged and make effective progress. Through sport pupils care encouraged to be creative, to ask questions and to have high expectations of themselves.

The PE department strive to ensure that all our pupils’ attainment in core in PE. Therefore, we offer both GCSE PE and BTEC Sport courses to ensure pupils are given the tools and resources to succeed in whatever they choose to do after school.

Our Physical Education Curriculum provides a solid foundation for further studies relating to movement and the body, including the social and health sciences, recreation, and tourism. It provides a pathway into the many careers that involve and careers working with people, such as education, health, justice, and the social services.


BTEC Sport at MBA has been designed to provide an engaging and stimulating introduction to the world of sport. The qualification builds on learning from Key Stage 3 for those who may wish to explore a vocational route throughout Key Stage 4. It also provides a good introduction to Sport for learners in post-16 education and brings together learning at levels 1 and 2 to ensure that every learner taking the qualification completes it with a level of understanding and skill on which to build at a later date. The qualification provides opportunities for learners to develop the communication skills needed for working in the sport sector, as they progress through the course. This can be achieved through presentations and in discussions where they can express their opinions. The qualification provides opportunities for learners to focus on the development of personal, learning and thinking skills, and English and mathematics knowledge and skills, in a sport-related context. Pupils are expected to draft and re draft work where permissible and that they can produce work on their IPADS through either page, word or any other format. This then allows the individual to be creative in how they present. Some pupils have presented verbally tying the iPads and this is something we are very keen to move forward in allowing pupils to present most of their work online instead of the paper trails we currently have.

Through the BTEC curriculum we aim to deliver the following at MBA:


The BTEC has been a success on many areas over the years not least the fantastic results that we have provided for the whole cohort. This has been an incredible achievement in that getting so many to complete the L2Q but also with a steady increase of grades over the years and also steadily increasing the amount of Merits and Distinctions. Pupils have used the BTEC to move onto further and higher education and this has been a very good grounding for them to experience the vocational side of the PE curriculum. Also a great benefit has been the selection of units we have done allowing some of the pupils to really encourage their leadership skills and providing them the opportunity to deliver in front of ‘live’ audiences.