Our Academy

Find out why we are proud to be an Apple Distinguished School and what this means to our learning community.


Our Vision

We want our students to learn how to be global citizens that are responsive and innovative to the current developments of society through a connected, conceptual and real-world curriculum.

We believe that every member of our learning community should have access to the tools in life that will nurture academic curiosity, build interdependence with one another and prepare them for a constantly changing future.

Our Values

  • Be Ethical
  • Be Excellent
  • Be Equitable
  • Be Empathetic
  • Be Evolutionary
  • Be Enduring

We want our students to be members of a global community, sharing common values and contributing to society.


Our Learning

Teaching and learning is transformed through the use of Apple technology. The Apple ecosystem enables us to use a seamless pedagogy with real-world, in-person and online learning through a truly blended approach to our curriculum design.

Every teacher at Mounts Bay Academy is an Apple Teacher. With this foundation of skills, our students are supported in the use of the Apple ecosystem in creative ways beyond the normal.


At Mounts Bay Academy we are dynamically evaluative; only collecting data to inform us of how to positively evolve as a school and simplifying processes to maximise teaching time and quality. This allows us to personalise curriculum and differentiate our resources. Our academic results are in line or above with national averages and improve year on year.

Over lockdown our iPad 1 :1 provision meant that we had over 95% of our students engaged in their learning.


We recognise that a number of our students may require tailored and targeted support over and above the usual academic and pastoral provision; this may be either temporary or permanent.

We aim to tailor and target support for individual students who have been identified as having a Special Educational Need.

Every supported student has their own workstation allowing them to personalise their work space with strategies and resources to support their learning and emotional wellbeing.

“Success for all”

The Voice of Our People

Our biggest asset is our people.

Everyone in our learning community benefits from the latest technology to help them navigate the learning journey’s that we all undertake.

Every member of our learning community has an iPad. All staff also have an iPod touch and where necessary a MacBook or an iMac. Our network supports over 1200 Apple simultaneous devices, security filtered, wherever they are!


The Voice of Our Students

Our young people use technology in creative ways that we could not envisage only a generation ago.

Our job is to give them the best technology to express their creativity.

Every student undertakes a series of project based learning activities utilising all of the core IOS applications in their first year.

Remote Learning Showcase

Take a look at some of the work done by our faculties whilst undertaking remote learning in 2020 and 2021.