Digital Technologies


The aim of the Digital Technologies curriculum is to produce digitally responsible students who are prepared for an ever-evolving world where technology is embedded in every part of our lives. Through quality-first teaching, students will be able to apply their knowledge and understanding to create digital artefacts and solve problems using computational thinking. We want students to be able to think analytically, make choices and reach logical conclusions based on research and understanding. Our curriculum in Digital Technologies supports the academy’s vision of providing all with a world-class education. All students are expected to be high performance learners and in this subject area, a culture of metacognition, self-regulation and agility is nurtured in them to achieve this.

In Key Stage 3, students will learn the principles of computer science, how to use software and apps to transform work flows and also gain a firm understanding of how to be responsible and respectful when online. The Creative iMedia course will also challenge all learners, including high attaining learners, by introducing them to demanding material and techniques; encouraging independence and creativity and providing tasks that engage with the most taxing aspects of the National Curriculum.


In Digital Technologies we deliver this through the implementation of a world class education which places developing associated concepts at the forefront of planning. Each scheme of learning is rationalised to our learners through entry points along with road maps that shares the route of learning with them, underpinned by a deep understanding of the digital concepts. In the programmes of study, assessment is a meaningful vehicle for learning, and ensures that we make a positive impact to all students.

For every quadmester in Years 7 and 8, students will learn all aspects of the digital technologies through a project based learning approach where new knowledge is shared within the context of a real-world context.

The chosen course for Key Stage 4, Creative iMedia, is delivered in two different formats across three year groups; a fast track qualification for Year 9 and a two-year qualification for Years 10 and 11. In Year 9, the course focuses on digital creativity whereas across Years 10 and 11, students can choose a more technical pathway which can lead to many different opportunities when leaving Mounts Bay Academy.

The three year plan nurtures students’ innovation, creativity and curiosity through real-life scenarios and
provides them with skill sets in using industry-standard software and workflows that will allow exceptional outcomes to be achieved. Content is delivered to students and then built upon through a variety of practice questions and coursework tasks, with regular quality feedforward being given to support student progress.

The knowledge acquired then allows students to develop their analytical and critical thinking skills to reach the top mark band.


The digital technologies curriculum at Mounts Bay Academy will make a life-long impact to the outcomes of all young people who choose this pathway. Students will be equipped with traits that reflect high performing learners. We will know this has been achieved through exploring a variety of indicators to determine the successes of our cohorts when studying this subject area such as: