The intent of our mathematics curriculum is that it should be challenging and accessible to all while maximising the development of every students understanding and capability in applying mathematics. At Mounts Bay we believe that all students can achieve at the highest level in mathematics Fluency in the fundamentals of mathematics enabling us to function mathematically in the wider world. Being able to reason mathematically allows us to discover new truths.

Applying problems solving strategies allows us to spot which mathematical tool can be used to interrogate the problem. Above all we know that sometimes there will be mistakes made and dead ends reached, however, we can use these to find a new way to a solution.


Our team of mathematicians are educators who are committed to working together to develop our five-year curriculum plan which in turn develop our students into mathematicians. Our curriculum plan is the common language that we use to teach mathematics at Mounts Bay. We meet regularly as a team to discuss mathematical ideas and share and agree on the best ways of approaching each topic.

Our lessons are forever evolving and are created with passion while also following a common model: Do Now – at the start of many lessons we complete a “Do Now” activity that challenges students on topics that they have studied over the previous months. Direct Instruction and Minimally Different Questions – it is common for lesson episodes to start with a short period of teacher instruction with students then asked to complete a carefully crafted series of minimally different questions to guide them through the early stages of a topic. Practice – Students will be then challenged to complete a series of questions on the topic that will make them think deeply about the mathematics. These questions might come in the form of online worksheets, individual whiteboard activities, online quizzes or worksheets. Interleaving – At this stage students should be fluent with the topic and we interleave other topics areas into the problems they are being asked to solve. This introduces them to the important skills of method spotting (knowing which area of mathematics to use).

Exit Tickets – Many topics areas or lessons episodes will be completed with an exit ticket. This is a quick question designed carefully to check understand and probe for misconceptions. All our lesson resources are delivered via the Seesaw platform direct to students iPads. This allows students and staff to be in constant dialogue during lessons and outside class time. It also allows us to seamlessly support students whether they are in the classroom or working from home.


Learning is a change in long term memory, it is for this reason that assessments in all forms takes place over time. It starts with constant assessment of understanding during lessons and with exit tickets at the end of the lesson episode which inform future lessons. To check understanding in the medium terms we use topics tests and interventions after about a month. In the longer terms we check understanding using bi-annual cross-topic assessments.