Project Week Art

6 May 2022 by thstudio in Explore, Project Week

During Project Week Year 9 have been focusing on Global Goal 10: Reducing inequalities. As a year group, Year 9 decided they wanted to move from being aware of an issue like inequality to actively doing something about it.

Year 9 have been focused on exploring the issue of inequality via art, writing, cookery and photography. Our staff have picked a selection of their work and are now offering it for sale to parents and the general public.  All the money that students make during this week will be donated to The Equality Trust. This trust has three objectives which will help to reduce inequalities in the UK. These are:


  • campaigning for changes that will have significant impact in reducing inequality;


  • helping the work of the public by informing individuals and local groups about the damage inequality does and then supporting them to take action to address it;


  • working alongside organisations and groups from across our society including businesses, trade unions, charities and others to prioritise inequality reduction.


If you would like to purchase any of the fantastic artwork produced by our students, please contact Mrs S Eddy to arrange payment at