Children’s Fire Film

1 November 2021 by thstudio in Eco Team, Explore

Mounts Bay Academy has been working with Shelley Claxton and Rosie Taylor-Hingston, to create a young people’s performance and dance piece exploring the idea that political decisions taken now need to consider the impact on future generations.

Shelley says, “Our Shout LOUDER Project asks all leaders of all important meetings to reintroduce globally the ancient tradition of representing the voices, human and non-human alike, of the seven generations to come. This is to be done through having a Children’s Fire, either actual or symbolically, at the centre of every meeting where outcomes will impact the planet, to represent the voices of the seventh generation.”

The principal players are ‘Seyth’ Theatre Company, a group of seven 14-15 year old Penzance based drama students who attend Mounts Bay School.

They devised a 20 minute drama performance and have collaborated with playwright Carl Grose to create a more structured script entitled ‘The Seven’. This script will be offered as a free online resource to encourage others to perform the whole piece or sections of the piece or their own interpretations of the ideas simultaneously in November to enhance the impact on COP26 and also bring communities together.

In order to shout even louder, they have also made a short film with the same concept in collaboration with Kyle Richardson. Young songwriter Maisy Grace has composed an original piece of music for the film called ‘Children of the Fire’. She was joined by Ola from Seyth who improvised a rap, and six of MBA’s Qube Records finest vocalists to record the piece with Darren Roberts. 

MBA dancers then worked with Rosie Taylor-Hingston to choreograph and perform the piece in MBA’s own woodlands. 

A group of young makers from MBA have been working alongside Alice King and Amy Green to create the Children’s Fire Paper Totem that features in the film and as a result of this film is now being used in all MBA important meetings to ensure the school is working regeneratively.

The template for this will also be downloadable so anyone can begin to adopt the practice of listening to the voices of the seventh generation before making any vital decisions.

Click here to view ‘Children’s Fire’ film.