Young Leaders

Young Leaders Academy

By Eleanor Peters


Five Year 11 students (Josie Malone-Lewis, Ben George, Joel Bick, Ross Allen and Eleanor Peters) have spent three Saturdays taking part in the Young Leaders Academy at Cornwall College, in Camborne. This was to achieve our Level 2 Award in Leadership & Team Skills. Throughout these sessions we have learnt about different leadership styles, important team member characteristics, what makes a team function efficiently, and much more.


Each session day was split into a different section: leading your team, developing yourself as a leader, and developing the work team. Another interesting part of this course was receiving a Belbin report, which determined the type of leader you are. They were compiled by taking a quiz about how we would react in different situations, as well as a questionnaire from four people who assessed your leadership ability. All these results were submitted online and then Belbin generated the report for us. We then analysed these reports, identifying areas for improvement, as well as our preferred leadership style.


I really enjoyed this course and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys leadership roles, as it has taught me how to improve and to be more confident in my leadership role.

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