Year 9 Art

Report by: Lauren May and Rebecca Cutter. Year 9

During the Year 9 GCSE Art Course, we have really expanded and developed our knowledge, understanding, skills and techniques. For example in all our drawings and designs we have looked at tone, texture, grey scale, shading, form, colour and also how to develop our drawing and painting skills to a higher level. We have explored this throughout our developing sketchbook work. We began the year creating a course work portfolio looking at cultural masks and designs. We then modelled and carved clay to create our own cultural masks inspired by our research from Venetian to African masks. We also looked at Expressive Landscape Painting and we used a variety of materials to create our own, from the inspiration of other artists, for example Kurt Jackson. We worked in a range of sizes to see if our work looked best on a large or a small scale. Later on in the year we began our final piece portfolios. This consisted of choosing a question from the exam board list and developing our own ideas as a response. This gave us a wide opportunity to vary our styles and try out new techniques and loads of new materials. From the questions we developed a final piece which was then entered into our exam. It’s been a really enjoyable year and we have all taken photos of some of our favourite pieces.

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