Work Experience

We have recently launched the Work Experience process for Year 10s.

All of the year group will be taking part in a one week work placement from Monday 7th July to Friday 11th July 2014. This is an exciting opportunity for students to gain a realistic insight into the world of work, as part of the MBA’s Information Advice and Guidance programme in order to assist our students in the transition to adult life. Work experience is proven to be very valuable for students gaining a taster into different careers and developing vital, transferable life skills that they can use in any future career path they may choose. Responsibility for organising their placements lies with the students as much as possible.


Students are generally encouraged to take local placements, but out of County placements may be possible after discussion with us. Work experience is proven to be very valuable for students gaining a taster into different carer path they may choose. Tutors will be providing support for students researching placements, but we recommend students aim to secure a place as soon as possible, given that over 190 students will be competing for places from Mounts Bay alone.


On Thursday 30th January, we will be holding a Year 10 parents’ evening.

During the evening, we will displaying work experience information. Students and parents will be able to ask advice and speak to students from last year about their experiences in their work placements.


A pack of letters, application forms and information booklets have been posted home and parents are encouraged to complete the first page of the application form, and return to school by Monday 20th, to be checked before students approach employers to complete the other stages of the form.


Any questions, please email or