Winning Writers

Winning entry: Izzy  Goodhead   7 Red

 Runner up: Embla Hocking   10 Blue


Highly Commended:

Freya Adams 9 Orange

Renae Caddy 7 Purple

Max Armstrong 8 Yellow

Jack Slater 8 Green


There was a really enthusiastic response to The English House competition with 45 entries across Years 7-10.

It was great to see what a wide range of books and authors you are all reading; The Hunger Games and Michael Morpurgo are very popular. The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4 is a recent favourite of Thomas Prosser in 8 Blackaby. Reading Thomas’s review made me feel very nostalgic as I first read the book thirty years ago!

Izzy’s article persuading teenagers to read won for her original, colloquial and encouraging tone. The whole article is lively and interesting and her enthusiasm for reading shines through.

Embla’s book review doesn’t give too much away but reveals just enough for us to want to pick up the book Between by Jessica Warman and try it for ourselves.

Thank you to all of you who entered: keep reading.


 Reading – Just Do It!  – by Izzy Goodhead

Have you ever thought about putting down your games console, and having a good read? If you do, that’s great! If you haven’t, why not?

Now, I’m not going to go on about how reading is good for your school work (which it is), or how it can help you write better yourself (which again, it can) or even how it’s going to help you in the future ( which it certainly will). No, instead, I’m going to talk about how reading is fun, and a great hobby.

It’s probably like this: you get seen reading a book, and suddenly, you’re labelled a geek. But it shouldn’t be like that. Reading is amazing, and is not something to be ashamed about.

Reading can transport you to other places entirely. If you want to get away from the world you’re in, try a fantasy book. You immediately enter a world completely different to our own. There are mythical creatures, strange customs, even stranger people! Think of it as a cheaper way of travelling, you can go across the world, back in time, forwards in time, places that don’t even exist.

Whatever genre you read, a relationship forms between you and the character. You become attached to them. You can find yourself worrying about them in certain situations, or feeling sad or happy for them. Don’t think you’re seriously weird, it’s what the author wanted to happen. 

If you want, you can try writing your own stories. This is seriously cool, you’re in control of everything that happens, you can create a perfectly normal world, with everyday stuff happening, or a weird and wonderful fantasy adventure, with quests and beasts and unrealistic things. Whatever you write, it’s yours. Don’t even worry if you took the idea from someone else, so long as you add your own twist to it.

Anyway, long story short, reading is fun. It is good for your school work, it can help you write better yourself, and will help you in the future. But just read for fun, for the joy of being transported into another world.



A review of Jessica Warman’s book ‘Between’  by Embla Hocking, 10 Madge


Between is a book I read whilst I was on holiday. It is a fantastic book and I loved it. The story is told from the point of view of the privileged Elizabeth Valchar, who wakes up on the night before her 18th birthday to a persistent banging noise on the side of her family’s yacht, The Elizabeth. 

Elizabeth, or Liz, leads a seemingly idyllic life – she is popular, rich and beautiful with a perfect boyfriend. However, her life has been tainted by the loss of her mother to anorexia at an early age, and the rumours which circulate the town about her father’s infidelity with her now-step-mother during her mother’s illness.

Between tells the story of Liz as she wakes up to find that the banging noise on the side of the boat is actually her own body.  Liz has been killed sometime between her birthday celebrations, the night before, and the time she wakes up. Nobody around her can see or hear her except for another person trapped in whatever purgatory, or Between, she is stuck in: a boy she thinks she knew in her life. Unfortunately, she can’t remember who he is and he seems repulsed by her. She can’t remember much else for that matter either, other than trivial facts about herself, her family and her friends. She can see everything that goes on around her, and can even revisit her memories, without anyone else knowing she’s still there. 

Slowly, the story of her life, and how she came to be floating dead in a marina, unfolds, and she learns things about people that she could never have hoped to learn during her life.

Between is an amazing book, full of suspense and excitement, that I couldn’t put down until I finished, and I would recommend it to anyone.