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Wiesenschule 4

Today was our last full day in school and students engaged in a number of new activities with their classes. The highlight of the day was the candlelit singing that took place in the hall. Candlelit singing is a wonderful coming together of the whole school, who today were practising some of their songs for the St Nikolaus festival tomorrow.

This evenings Parents’ Presentation was unfortunately cancelled due to the extreme weather warning which closed all the schools in the area.

Battening down the hatches the team rehearsed their German speaking presentations for tomorrow’s events  and found the time to video them and put them on the TV pages of the website.


Click to see some video of today’s activities.

Miss Hick spent the morning with a class of students from Wiesenschule making christmas treats for tomorrow’s festival.

We also spent some time today working with the students from Nancealverne making some short film trailers.

Penzance Boys

Click to see the Penzance Boys Trailer


Click to see the Wiesenschule Trailer