Detox Festival 

Welcome To The Festival

Welcome to our festival.

The festival takes place over 15 sessions of around 15 minutes each in length lasting almost 4 hours long. Each session will become available every 15 minutes, there is something for everyone so keep checking back to see the latest session.


To watch a video, click once to load it, then click again to play. If you are using the Safari browser on your Mac, click the video “pop out” button top right to play the video full screen.


Remember to send us an email here if you like something and we will try to put as many comments as we can on our “Comments” page.


Thats it. Enjoy your afternoon.


Lilia Rowe was the inspiration and hard work behind the first DeTox Festival in 2019 which she undertook to organise as part of her Gold Arts Award. The ideas behind the festival resonated with lots of people leading to hundreds of staff, students and their families and the local community becoming involved. Since then, Lilia has continued to be a highly active member of the Eco Committee and explains some of the actions they have achieved, that have helped to make MBA a greener place to be.

Welcome to the Festival from Lilia


Mr Hall’s actions are as loud as his words and he is wholeheartedly behind the work of the Eco Committee every step of the way. This year he took action to set up training to raise awareness about the Climate Change Crisis for all staff and encouraged us all to take positive actions towards a hopeful future. He also commented at the end of DeTox 2019, ‘This is just what we need, this needs to be an annual event, I’ve put it in the calendar.’ The Eco Team would like to say a big thank you for all the support from all staff at MBA.

Welcome to the Festival From Mr Hall


Shelley Claxton teaches Arts Award and has worked with Stacey Wheeler to develop the Eco Committee. She lives in a straw bale house which she designed and built with her husband Luke New 20 years ago, so looking after the environment is something that has been very close to her heart for a long time. She is a great believer in student voice and has supported the Eco Committee to find a ways to be heard.

Welcome to the Festival From Shelley


Before you move on to the festival pages, why not take a few moments to enjoy the relaxing calm that the world around can bring us by watching this short film from Lilia.



Finally read this poem by Miss Rule who was inspired to write it by our eco efforts. Make sure you read right to the bottom!


What we do doesn’t make any difference

So don’t you ever try to convince me that
Reusing and recycling is worth the effort

Surely you realise that

Plastic is convenient
And even though

Marine life is dying
Our oceans are overflowing and

Surfers are choking

I no longer want to hear that

Through small changes

We can make big waves

Our actions are powerless

You are naïve to think that
Our destruction can be reversed


Now read from the bottom up


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