Weekly Puzzle Results

Last week answer

Each word was written in reverse and the words are written in reverse order. For your answer you should have written as your name in the same code.

For example: “Usain Bolt” becomes “tlob niasu”

Final House Scores
The overall positions for this term are:

1st: Green

2nd: Yellow
3rd: Purple

4th: Blue

5th: Orange

6th: Red


Tutor Group Prize
The tutor group with the most correct entries this week is:
7 Cyster


Staff Prize
The staff member with the most correct answers this term is:
Mrs Page

Extension Prize
Well done to Aiden Goddard for explaining the ROT13 method of encrypting messages – for more information see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ROT13


Well done to the hundreds for students, staff and parents that have taken part this term. Have a great holiday.