U14 Basketball

Report By: Marcus Rowland


On Wednesday 28th of November we played a Penwith basketball tournament with Humphrey Davy and Cape Cornwall. In our first match against Humphrey Davy we were beaten 14-4, in the first half we didn’t have a go at them, but in the second half we came back into it and gave it our all and scored 2 baskets.

In the second game gainst Cape we were very good and scored five baskets, many of them from Caden Brownfield it and ended at 10-0.

Our team were Paris Thomas, Adam Oliver, Thomas George, Aiden Harper, Francis Pengelly, Caden Brownfield, Lewis Sims, Charlie Boynes, and Marcus Rowland. I’d like to thank the coaches Matt Burford and Jake…

…and Mr Veal for driving the minibus and for the encouragement.


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