Trengwainton Trip

Miss Ross and her Year 9 Art GCSE pupils went to Trengwainton Gardens as part of their ‘Landscapes GCSE project’. The pupils used their iPads to capture interesting compositional photographs which they then manipulated, using a variety of effects using ‘Photoshop’, ‘Snap Seed’ and ‘My Brush’ back in the classroom.

Pupils also gained valuable first hand research by producing detailed tonal drawings using pencils, charcoals and colour oil pastels from observing the rich beautiful environment in which they were immersed.

Some of the artists students studied include David Hockney, Monet and Edvard Munch. Students will use their research from the gardens to develop ideas for a landscape painting and a digital painting using the ‘Brushes app’ (which is the same application as David Hockney has for his current exhibition in London) for their final piece.

All the students had a fantastic day and we will be repeating the trip again this week with a different group.