Top Trebuchets

Last Friday lunchtime saw Room 18 transformed into a mini medieval arena. Year 7 tutor groups met to see who could produce the mightiest trebuchet. Each tutor group had a week to build their super siege machines, practice their launch techniques and fine tune the apparatus.


The response was good with five out of the six tutor groups bringing their machines to battle, only Orange house failed to go like clockwork and were clearly just too afraid to show!


Purple house went first and initially only managed a feeble shot. They were not  disheartened and the the next two shots got better and better. The Red team had put a lot of effort into their machine and it looked like they would dominate, but a sling problem meant the could not meet the marker set. Yellow team sounded like they were going to cause trouble and a rumour had spread of their intent to win. They put on a good show but could not quite live up their reputation. The Greens were all but dismissed as non runners as they had such slow start to their campaign. On the day they turned it around and came out fighting putting in some very good shots. The Blues got off to a bad start their first effort firing backwards and hitting their own warriors! They soon regrouped and started to show their mettle putting in two much improved shots. Their fourth shot sailed passed everyone else’s, but was disqualified as only the first three shots were allowed.


At the end of the contest no-one could catch the mighty Purple house team who annihilated the opposition and owned the competition from the start.


1st –  Purple –   2.13m

2nd – Green –   1.60m

3rd –  Yellow –   1.52m

4th –  Red    –    0.94m

5th –  Blue   –    0.85m

6th – Orange  – Nul points