Student Voice

This week in assembly we have been preparing for the forthcoming EU Referendum by hosting a series of debates to each year group outlining the views of the campaigns for both sides.

Mrs Davey delivered a short introduction on the meaning of democracy, derived from the Greek words dêmos (meaning people) and krátos (meaning force or power).

Our Senior Leadership Team then took on the roles of some of the main protagonists and in a forum chaired by Mrs Davey were given one minute to put their points of view across to each year group.

Whilst these views did not necessarily reflect those of the member of the senior team delivering them, they non-the-less made for a lively debate, with some interesting and incisive questions also coming from each year group.

Once the debate was concluded Mrs Davey reminded us that one of the prices of living in a “free country” was paid by the MP Jo Cox this week and we bowed our heads in a moment of reflection to contemplate the sacrifice she made in the name of Democracy and to spare a thought for those closest to her.

Like the rest of the United Kingdom we will be having our own vote on 23rd June, the results of which will be published in our newsletter.