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Star Science

This morning the Guardian Teacher Network hosted a live-streamed Q&A session with Physicist and broadcaster Professor Brian Cox. A group of Mounts Bay students watched as Professor Cox took questions from schools around the country. Students who attended the event had prepared some brilliant questions for the Professor, and Mounts Bay tweeted them in during the webcast.

Professor Cox gave his views on the importance of Science, and in particular Physics. He talked about the origins of the Universe, Quantum Physics, the recent Rosetta mission, the justification for the vast financial outlay on space exploration and the possibility of extra-terrestrial life. Joel Bick said, “Hearing such an intellectual talk about these difficult subjects is really interesting.” Eddie Hall added, “Listening to him talking about things you don’t understand but then come to understand is brilliant.”

Focusing on the recent Rosetta mission, he gave his view on how we can help young people see themselves as capable and ready to be part of their generations amazing innovators and discoverers.

Students really enjoyed the webcast and all felt that their questions had been explained and answered fantastically by Professor Cox. Ben George said,“Witnessing his passion and interest for science was refreshing and inspirational.”

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