St Ives Geography Trip

That time of year had arrived again; the Year 10 geographers needed to collect a sufficient amount of data to be able to produce a superior controlled-assessment. The hypothesis:

“Do the positives of St.Ives being a honeypot site for tourists, outweigh the negatives?”

Despite being an extremely busy time of year the students took to their tasks with incredible enthusiasm over the two-day period. The first groups on Wednesday having beautiful sunshine with Thursday groups experiencing much wetter conditions. This did not dampen their spirits however!

The days began with a trip on the beautiful coast-to-coast branch line delivering the students into St Ives. After finding their bearings the students were given a talk from a former mayor of St.Ives, Councillor Ron Tulley, in the main chambers of the Guildhall. Councillor Tulley provided a lot of insight into the pros and cons of tourism in St.Ives, which will be of real benefit in the reference stages of the assignment.  Then the students had to seek out some primary data for themselves to test their hypothesis.

In groups, the students conducted: quality of environment surveys, congestion surveys, pedestrian surveys, questionnaires for locals, tourist and shop owners, a retail survey and gathered any photographical evidence to back up their findings.

Both days were a huge success. All the students succeeded in their objectives and conducted themselves in an impeccable manner. Several locals were heard to remark on their politeness.

Special thanks must go to Councillor Tulley, the TAs and keyworkers accompanying, Mrs Mander, the language department for their flexibility and the Year 10s themselves for making it such a pleasant experience.

Report by Mr Smith