Spanish Trip

Last week five Year 10 students joined our partner schools from France, Germany and Spain on a project meeting in Murcia.  Unfortunately, our Danish partner school, who visited the Academy three weeks ago, could not join us.  The project, which focuses on lifelong learning outside the classroom, will allow almost 100 students from the five schools to partake in this European educational exchange  over two years.  The following report is compiled by the students involved;  Lucy Robinson, Vickki Edwards, Imogen Forster, Lisa-Mae Evans and May Robson.


After a long trip to London, a short sprint to the plane and a plane flight we landed in Murcia. As soon as we arrived at school we were warmly greeted by a small group of teachers and our partners. We were treated to an insight into school life; although it was hard to keep our eyes open at some points, it was amazing. 

The Comenius project to Spain was a culture trip so it meant that we visited a lot of places in Murcia including Cartagena where we went on a boat trip and visited the Spanish Civil War shelter and the Roman theatre. We also went white water rafting and visited a cave to study the rock formations.  The city of Murcia was a very beautiful green place and very rich with culture.

The project meeting in Spain taught me a great deal, I learnt about Spanish life, how relaxed they are with everything and how different it is to English life. It has taught me how different other people’s lives are. It was interesting to see another school, how every year mixed and there was no social grouping and everyone got on well. I learnt so much on the trip and would recommend it to anyone who wanted to go!  


I think that learning outside of the classroom is better than learning inside because it gives you the opportunity to explore everything in a whole new light. When I went to Spain I got to explore the caves and learn how they were formed by looking at the formations while the tour guide explained how it was created.  Seeing everything in person and getting to touch and feel everything really helps you understand how everything was created and what it was like for people many years ago.

It was an incredible experience. Having been abroad quite a lot I do not think I have ever been to a place which has been so friendly and has such wonderful weather.  I am so grateful to my partner who was so welcoming and to her family who  made me feel so comfortable.


Spain, what can I say? This trip was not at all what I had expected, in fact it was much better. I expected dirty streets, insular people, an unbreakable language barrier. To my surprise we arrived in a beautiful town filled with warm and friendly people. Living with complete strangers for a few days was a fascinating experience which I urge everyone to take part in. My family accepted me as soon as I walked through the door and by the end of the week they had dubbed me “their third daughter”. This trip let me conquer fears, discover ancient history, meet new people and get closer to those I already met. It has proved to me that learning outside the classroom does not only involve rich culture, art, food and history but also building myself as a person. Counting down the days till next summer when we will all meet again!


The Comenius project in Murcia, 2013 was a real eye opener for me. I met so many new friends on the trip who I will keep in contact with forever, some who are Spanish and even some who are German. The whole project was based on learning outside of the classroom, which I found very good as it helped me to learn a lot more about the country, by actually going out and seeing it.  I enjoyed this trip so, so much, and learnt a lot from it, I can’t wait to go back there!


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