Sound Training Success

Our latest cohort for the Sound Training program has completed it with astounding results this semester. The two separate groups, comprising Year 9 boys and Year 11 girls, have on average improved their individual reading age by a whopping six years. Well done  to Lauren Jenkin, Gabriella Ciliberto and Megan Baumbach from Year 11 and Georgie Schmidt, Brodie Barden, Corey Ruston and Jamie Moore from Year 9.

Sound Training incorporates six one-hour weekly sessions focused around understanding syllable sounds and taking part in fun activities that give students the skills and confidence to become independent word detectives. The aim of the program is to improve reading and spelling skills, whatever the level of the student at the beginning, and it has proven extremely successful across all Year groups at Mounts Bay Academy. 

The course also allows students to consider the root meanings of words and understand a range of prefixes and suffixes, therefore benefitting their vocabulary comprehension across all subjects.


If you would like to find out more about Sound Training or if you are interested in completing the course contact Miss Hick.