Ski Trip

Saturday & Sunday

Our trip began with a long 24 hour journey from Mounts Bay Academy to Aosta, Italy. We drove through the afternoon to Dover where we got a nighttime Ferry to Calais. The crossing was smooth and we were excited to reach France. When we arrived in Calais we travelled through the night to Italy. Everyone was so excited that we didn’t get as much sleep as we should of but it was fun! When we arrived at the Mont Blanc tunnel we travelled 6km through the mountain to Italy. We went straight to ski hire on the Sunday afternoon where we were fitted with skis, helmets and boots. The ski boots were really hard to walk in we really wished we were snowboarding as they looked much more comfier. Following ski fit we heading to the hotel where we had a traditional Italian lunch of pasta and then headed to our rooms unpack. Dinner on the Sunday evening was lovely we had pasta which was nice only to find out it was just a starter! We were all really exited for our first day of skiing and snowboarding. 

Report by Izzy G


We had a fabulous first day up the mountain learning new skills and working hard to conquer our fears and try new activities. Here are the group reports for day one.

Beginner Group One – On Monday we started on Baby Pila and had a really nice instructor called Time who had really bad ‘old man’ jokes! It wasvery entertaining when watching Miss Walters come down the hill. We also learnt not to sit down at the bottom of the ski slopes as you will get covered in snow just like Tegan found out! At the end of Day one we named ourselves ‘Team PMA’ (positive mental attitude).


– Report by Sienna M

Beginner Group Two – Just like group one went onto Baby Pila where we learnt the key basics of skiing, for example; how to snow plough (to stop ourselves)  and how to slowly turn. It was entertaining to see Wes, Kitty, Jacob and Maddie getting pushed onto the magic carpet because they were all too slow to make it on there themselves. For a first day it was brilliant as we learnt everything really quickly because of our fantastic instructor, Dan.

– Report by Beth T


Group 3 – We refreshed our skiing skills and 

muscle memory from last year and it felt good to be back on the slopes. We improved a lot on our parallel turns, and went down loads of red runs which was exciting and hard work. We had such a great first day in the peaks, and we couldn’t wait for the week ahead!

– Report by Elsey K


Group 4 – Today we started off practicing technique and were practicing parallel turns. We then went onto some red runs and had a right giggle! We bombed down the runs and could hear Niamh screaming from the top of the mountain!!!

– Lilly H and Elsa



Group 5 – the best bit was the hour going down red slopes – Dylan

Group 6 – met Martin our instructor who is amazing. We then went on a chair lift up and skied down a blue then on the next chair lift. Levan tripped over his skis and fell on his face! Haha. We then went down some reds which was so good. Martin is very technical which will help our technical skiing improve. – Oscar and Levan





Snowboarding Beginners – I thought today would be easy but it is a lot more difficult and a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Can’t wait for the next 4 days 

– Logan





Snowboarding Advanced – We have an instructor called St John who is a legend and has many stories to tell. To start off to get our ski legs back we did some nice cruisy blue slopes and then for the rest of the time we did 2 red slopes one was the steepest in Europe. There were many stacks where it was powdery. Eddie’s being the best when he hit a vertical wall of ice and powder going so fast. He tried to Ollie up it but it didn’t work!!! But he’s all fine haha! Then Alfie, Henry J and Jude went up the side of the piste and they had to jump in to the powder and Henry belly flopped, Alfie landed and flipped! And Jude completely stacked it! We had such a fun day.

 – Eddie and Jude

On Monday evening we went in to the town of Aosta and went to a traditional Italian Pizzeria. The pizza was amazing and the waitresses just kept bringing us pizza – it was great! We had gelato to follow which was just as amazing as the pizza. It was lovely to see the town lit up at night and everyone was so friendly.


On Tuesday we continued with the learning of the basic skills. The beginner groups were thrown in the deep end and taken up one of the pistes.  We practised our turns and stopping by turning up the mountain instead of snow ploughing. There were a lot of falls!!

The advanced groups made their way up to mountain as they had found their feet again and were ready to take on some red and black slopes. Levan and Oscar even took on ‘The Wall’ which is a vertical drop at the top of the mountain.

To end our day on Tuesday we walked in to Aosta. We walked through the old ruins that were lit up and had shops built in to them. We went for Italian gelato and chose what combination of flavours we wanted – it was delicious. After gelato we went for a walk around the town and most of us ended up in food shops eating cake or in Sephora buying make up. The shops were really pretty and we were able to practise our Italian speaking.


Today was the midway point of our trip and we thought it would be the day everyone felt tired but all students were positive and keen to head back up the mountain. It was another brilliant day up the mountain. All improved fabulously and were becoming pro skiers!

Beginner Group One – Today was much better, we could see such an improvement. Our Instructor (Tim) pushed us to the absolute limit, although I’m pretty sure he had something even crazier up his sleeve.  One the highlights was that Miss Walters did an amazing front flip down a sloop because Sienna cut her off completely!! However, Tegan got her legs completely trapped in the turnstiles of the chair lift to the point where she had to take her skis off!! OVERALL, THE DAY  WAS FABULOUS ESPECIALLY THE TUBING!!!!!!

Report by Chloe U


Beginner Group Two  Wednesday was such a good day, our instructor helped us progress and eventually we ended up on a Red slope! However, I was skied into and had to leave my skis behind and slide the whole way down the slope on my bum. It was funny and made us all laugh.

– Report by Cara H

Group 3 – We improved a lot today, especially on our parallel turns. Today we skied down a lot of the red slopes, and even made a human slalom course! It was a really good day and we hoped to do even harder slopes on the Thursday.

– Dolcie

Group 4 – Today was absolutely Awesome. We shredded some red runs and even some black runs. They were so steep and scary but amazing.

– Katie and Edith

Group 5 – Today we learnt how to ski technically perfect and how to look cool doing it! Today was mainly practising and training . Dylan even hit 62 mph ! An awesome day!

– Dylan and Jack C

Group 6 – Today we skied some red and black runs mainly red and tomorrow we will be doing more blacks. We practised our carving techniques which we can already see a huge improvement. We had a great day. 

– Levan and Oscar

Snowboarding Beginners  – Today we advanced onto blue slopes a step up from the baby Pila. This let us use our turning and have more practice. It was great. – Lucy

Snowboarding Advanced – Today we went in the snow park doing park etiquette and improved jumps and learnt to grind on boxes. We then went on a couple of runs to finish the day – Eddie


On Wednesday after our day of skiing and snowboarding we went Tubing! It was so much fun. We jumped in rubber rings and went down the track over loads of bumps. It was so  much fun! Everyone laughed and we went down in chains! It was the best and we wish it didn’t have to end.



Presentation Evening

On Thursday evening all of our lovely instructors came to the hotel for presentation evening. Group by group we went up and joined our instructors who awarded us with our certificates. They shared lots of funny and eventful stories with the rest of the group and it was a lovely time to reflect on the last few days. This presentation gave the instructors a chance to tell us how we’ve done and also gave us to show them how much we appreciated there help over the week. It was a fantastic night!

– Report by Tegan V



Beginner skiers group 2 and their instructor Dan.







Advanced Snowboarders and their instructor StJohn.







Level 3 Skiers and their instructor Katie.







Beginner skiers Group 1 and their instructor Tim.







Level 4 skiers and their instructor Nicola.








Beginner Snowboarders and their instructor Dean.







Level 5 skiers and their instructor Ray.







Level 6 skiers and their instructor Martin.





The Embarrassment Bibs!

Each evening the teachers chose a few people to wear fluorescent yellow bibs that quoted our embarrassing moments. On the first night they chose  Lily for her ‘Wipeout of the Day’ – Lily was skiing along and instead of stopping she went up a 6ft bank and landed in a heap!

Alfie got his bib for the ‘Most unexpected flip’ because he found himself doing a flip when hitting a piece of the piste that looked flat but was actually a ramp!

Leading up to the trip we were reminding so many times that we should only have our ski socks in our boots and ONLY our ski socks, however, Maddie thought it would be okay to wear an anklet. So, after one day of skiing Maddie was in a lot of pain with a blister that made its way around her entire ankle and even had the patterns of the anklet marked on her skin…… therefore, she received her bib for the most artistic blister and not wearing just her ski socks. Whilst on the topic of socks, Dylan forgot his. We made it all the way to ski fit and Dylan forgot his!


The second chosen wearers were Lia, Jack and Anya. Jack had to wear his because it was his birthday and he will ski if he wants to!! Lia, who was in group 4, would class herself as an experienced skier. However, as she made it to the end of the run at the end of the day she got a little too confident and upon reaching the whole group of students she didn’t stop as quickly as expected. SMASH! Lia managed to knockdown roughly 10 of us!! STRIKE!! Anya took a little sky dive on Wednesday is she went to get off the ski lift. As she was coming toget off the lift she slipped off and found herself in a pile on the floor, and we though you had been skiing before ‘Skydiving Dale?!’

For the final day bibs were worn by 4 of the students. After 4 days of skiing Chloe was confident that she was now an experienced, professional skier. But, whilst trying to manoeuvre her  way in to a chair lift and sort her gloves she dropped one of her poles in to a huge pile of snow in the forest……. ‘Chloe – One – Pole’. During the night the two unlucky boys sharing a room with Henry were woken only to then hear Henry say, in his sleep, “CONCENTRATION FACE……. ACTIVATE!!”. In the morning the boys mentioned this phrase to Henry to which he replied, ‘I had a dream about saying that!!!’. The final bib was shared between Levan and Oscar. This bib was not an embarrassing incident but one to be proud of. The boys had a fantastic week improving their technique and showing their amazing skiing talent. Therefore, the front of their bib quoted a phrase from their instructor “Deed of derring Do” and on the back read, “Oscar and Levan – Survivors of the Wall”. 

Everyone wore their bibs with pride and we all were able to have a laugh at their expense!



Beginner Group One –

Today was one of the most hardest  days of the week. We went down lots of steep reds (2,3 and 4) 3 being the steepest red in Europe, where at least four of us fell down the hill!! Before lunch we did a BLACK slope (slope 8)  which is a very challenging slope for beginners! We are all so proud of ourselves. It’s all down to Tim (the best instructor EVER). He challenged us and he taught us to not overthink things! Overall, we had an amazing trip and will definitely go again, thanks to all the teachers who organised and came on the trip.

– Report by Jessie TD and Chloe U.

Beginner Group Two –

At the start of the week, none of us had ever skied before, however after lots of falling over and getting stuff wrong everyone finally learnt to ski easily. Today we bombed down loads of reds , we did the start of a black but it was so steep we had to go back to reds! Report by Kitty.

Group 3 –

Today we went all the way to the very top of the mountain, it was really cold but I was really exited to go down for the first time this week! When we got to the top of the run and looked down it looked hard and we didn’t believe that we could do it but then as we began to go down the run I forgot about it and focused on not falling over. Then we did some fun drills to improve our performance in skiing. This helped us to not move our arms when we were skiing and really helped. Thank you Katie for being a brilliant teacher.

Report by Anya and Megan

Group 4 – Today on our final day we enjoyed going as fast as we could go down all the reds with much more ease than at the start of the week . We all enjoyed doing jumps around the poles and going off piste even when we weren’t supposed to! Overall we have had such an enjoyable week with such amazing skiing including some of our groups first ever blacks ! – Lilly H

Group 5 – Today, again, we went to the highest point of the mountain on black 27 where we were ready to ski gracefully down. At the top, most parts were quite icy but because of our amazing instructor we knew how to easily and carefully get down without any incidents. We then didn’t want to push too hard but we paralleled straight down a red and reached a shocking speed and after we did some more final skill training. Overall, the trip was amazing and all thanks to the teachers who organised this trip.

Report by Jack C

Group 6- Today we had another great day. Martin was able to still help us with our technique. We did mainly steep reds as Oscar was helping film a girl in the groups GCSE skiing. We had loads of fun and picked up so much speed. Martin was amazing and we are sad to be going home. Levan and Oscar.

Snowboarding beginners – Today we finally went down our first red slope and it was really fun as we could pick up a lot of speed. I also enjoyed today because we managed to do a run of the whole blue 15 slope which is really fun again as it leads from the top of the mountain all the way down to the bottom. This run helped us as we had to learn to to go straight and fast as at some points the slope was flat. Overall today was the best day because we tried our first red. Henry P

Snowboarders advanced –

Today we go down black slopes and ramps, we do grabs, race, spins and many more exciting events. Even though we were disappointed it being the last day, we had lots of fun and we were very grateful of the privileges that we have had throughout the week. Henry J.

We arrived back at the Academy late Saturday afternoon, tired and weary after a delayed ferry and stormy seas but spirits were high after a fantastic week.

All students had a brilliant week and improved tremendously. It has been a pleasure to see all students overcome their fears and take on any obstacle in their way. Well done to everyone.