This week the entire school were given some guidance by PC Tracey Fuller on the subject of “Sexting”

Most young people today are entirely comfortable with recording their entire lives online – much like other generations used to do in a diary.

These days though, this often includes uploading and sharing photos, status messages on what has been happening in their lives or how they are feeling, and texting back and for. While this ‘finger on the pulse, share all’ culture has some benefits, it can also create an environment in which teenagers and young people make impulsive decisions without thinking through the possible consequences. Often times, they are only a click away from doing something digitally that they would not normally do in the real world.

PC Fuller gave students some good advice on the use of social media and the responsibilities this involves and importantly underlined the support they can expect from the Police and our own Child Protection team.

He showed a film underlining just how easy something can be shared around the world and what the consequences can be. If you would like to see the film, click the link below.

If you want to speak to P.C. Fuller about the subject, please call 101 and an operator will put you through to him.

Alternatively, help and advice can be found online at