Science Is Awesome!

Year 7 and 8 were set the challenge of producing one minute videos to show why they think science is ‘awesome’. As well as developing their scientific literacy this allowed them to showcase their creative skills and give them the opportunity to include their families in the project. One brave mum even agreed to taking part in the demonstration of gravity, which involved an egg!

The students stepped up to the challenge here and the resulting videos are, well…awesome!

*No children were harmed in the making of the films and an adult was present for all demonstrations*

Well done Years 7 and 8!

Click on a name below to see their video.

Alfie Grose

Amelia Ausenda-Stanford

Bethany Sil

Cory Hellyar

Ellie Clark

Georgie Scmidtt

Holly Berwick

Melody Roberts

Rose Thompson

Tyler Gesto

William Roberts