Rugby Report

Report By: Alistair Stacey

Mounts Bay 56 – St Ives 7

This week Mounts Bay played St Ives at home ; we started on positive note when Theo Simpson scored in the corner which was converted by Alistair Stacey in the first 3 minutes. After the restart St Ives responded with a try and a conversion. We did not lose our determination , with Mawgan Osborne scoring under the post. Theo and Mawgan added to their tally with 1 for Mawgan and 2 for Theo.  All try’s were converted by Alistair.

After half time the momentum kept up with a try from Morgan Harvey  and a conversion from Alistair Stacey.
With Theo’s fantastic play it was just a matter of time before he scored and within minutes of Morgan try , Theo placed the ball down for his 4th try which was once again converted by Alistair.
Morgan finally scored a textbook try in the corner beating 8 or 9 players.

Soon came full time with the final score being  56 to 7 , seeing us win our  4th game in a row.

So a very well done to all the players and not forgetting our coach, Mr Strong.