Rowing Challenge

Years 7 and 8 had an assembly run by the junior coordinator of Mounts Bay Pilot Gig club Lucy Sparrow. She told the students all about why rowing is fun and good for you and the history of gigs. She then came back with Phil Pring from British Rowing to run a rowing challenge. The students had to try and row 200m on a rowing machine as quickly as possible.
Lots of students took part, with the best boy’s times were from Year 11 Alan Merton, Year 9 Ethan Ford and Year 8 Toby Pearce. The best girl’s times were Laura Pearce in Year 9 and Kerry Semmens in Year 8. Top year 7 students were Piper  Oxendale and Peran Tustin.
Anyone interested in taking up rowing can more information from Mrs Wheatley or get information from reception.