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Rounders Report

By  Zoë Rundell


On Thursday the 21st  June, nine, year nine girls, consisting of, Zoë Rundell, Codie Guy, Georgia Kennedy Curnow, Lizzy Smyth, Becky Rodda, Melanie Hosking, Callie Coton, Senara Reynolds and Abbie Hosken, were taken to Cape Cornwall School by Mr Strong to play rounders.

Unfortunately due to bad weather, it was just Mounts Bay and Cape that played.

They played four innings, all of which were very competitive. There were some fabulous catches from many members of the MBA team and also some good ones from Cape. The MBA team got all of the players from Cape out on each innings they fielded and our whole team was never all out on our own innings.

It was a well played game ending in Cape scoring 12 and a half rounders and Mounts Bay scoring 17.

Thank you to everyone who participated.