Rona Sailing Trip

A hot and sunny afternoon on the river Hamble is where it all started for 15 students on their week’s adventurous sailing aboard an ocean-going yacht.

From the 7th to 13th June a mix of 15 Year 9 and 10 students from Mounts Bay and Five Island School went sailing in two yachts from Southampton water, through the English Channel, to as far west as Dartmouth. The yachts, a 62 foot schooner “Merrilyn” and a 68 foot Ketch “Rona II”, were each managed by a skipper and afterguard from the Rona Sailing Project and crewed by the students of MBA and FIS.

Life aboard was never dull and students were involved with all the essential aspects of sailing.  On a typical day the crew would be up on deck ready to sail at 6am. They’d slip the mooring and put up the sails, steer the boat, cook a meal, clean ship, practice tying knots and anchor at the end of the day.  When the sailing stopped we all had time to relax. Highlights were going swimming off the side of the yacht, a barbeque on the beach and looking around some of the towns and ports we visited. 

All the students rose to the challenge and walked away with a certificate of either: RYA ‘Start Sailing’, RYA ‘Competent crew’ or the ‘Scott Award’ which means that the trainee will be invited to sail with the Project again.

Well done RONA Crew 2018.

Report by Mr Davies