REAL Students

We are delighted to welcome Samantha Fiallo and Emily Moder from one of the worlds most innovative schools, High Tech High, San Diego, California to the Academy.

They are interns and also former students of the school, so have a massive amount of personal experience to share of the benefits of REAL Projects learning in their own education.

Real Projects aim to promote learning that will develop confident and creative individuals, whose skills transcend subject matter and prepare them for the world outside of school.

They are rigorously designed by our teaching team to ensure that students acquire subject knowledge systematically as part of the process of producing authentic outputs, and are assessed for the quality of the work produced, the process undergone to produce it, and the learning acquired as a result.

This allows us to formulate lessons and activities around a single complex enquiry, and our students produce high quality outputs that culminate in a final exhibition or can used practically in the real world.

Samantha and Emily are with us for the next fortnight and are busy working with our students and we’re all learning from each other. Look out for more news of their time here in the newsletter.