RE Trip to London

Recently we had the pleasure of taking 42 Year 10 students on a fantastic RE trip to London. We had a jam-packed couple of days where students had the opportunity to absorb the culture of London.

On the first day we visited London Central Mosque, where they experienced a live prayer session, which they all found very enlightening and were honoured to have had the experience. Abigail – Rose Wallis said, “I now have a much better perspective of religion and an understanding of Muslim prayer – it was very tranquil and relaxing.”

We also visited the Natural History Museum, where students were able to embrace the historical elements of the world.

We were fortunate enough to be able to squeeze in a visit to the West End to watch The Lion King – a memorable experience for us all.

On the second day we visited Westminster Abbey, where students were able to compare this Christian place of worship with their visit to the mosque.

For light entertainment, with a historical twist, we took students to The London Dungeons where they had a a swift tour of London’s history – gore and all! Annie Badjan said, “The London Dungeons was so different to anything I have ever done and a really fun way to learn about the history of London.”

Before making the long trip home, we were fortunate enough to have a guided tour of Parliament, where we explored the history of the building as well as they system of British politics and how laws are made.

The trip was extremely successful and our students demonstrated mature and respectful behaviour at every venue visited. Zoe Empson said, “It was the best school trip I have ever been on – really good value for money, as we did SOOOO much!”