Public Services Y11 Expedition

Today, as part of our Public Services Btec, we had to plan and complete a day expedition. We set out with routes that we had planned in previous weeks lessons, taking it in turn navigating across the moors from the North coast of Penwith and back to the Academy. After quite a few disagreements as to which way was correct, and a few slips and falls in the mud, which we all found hilarious; we finally got on the right track and made our way to Ding Dong. Once there we completed some vital survival techniques, under the guidance of Mr Fish, such as what to do if someone were to get hypothermia and how to deal with a causality in the great outdoors. We used various pieces of survival kit to show that we were capable of dealing with an emergency. After this, we put our compass and map reading skills to the test, to find our way back through the closing mists back to the Academy.
Tyler Richards