Progress Review Day

Progress Review Day – Monday 5th January 2015
All parents are invited into school on Monday 5th January for an appointment to discuss their child’s overall progress.  We will be using an ONLINE booking service to allow you to make an appointment at your convenience.
Everyone has received a letter with details about the online booking service and the name of the member of staff assigned to each student (usually form tutor, but may be their Director of Progress, Learning Support Manager or Mrs Payne).
Please read the letter carefully and go to: to book your appointment.  The system is live from 9am on Monday 8th Dec until 10pm on Tuesday 16th Dec.  If you have any problems with using the booking system, please contact the school.


1. Please come to reception 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment with your child where a member of staff will welcome you and who will direct you to the correct room.  Your appointment will last for 15 minutes.

2. Your appointment will start with your child reviewing their progress. Firstly they will review the targets that were set at your last meeting (except Year 7).  The Autumn semester report will already have been ‘RAGGED’ by your child’s tutor. By “RAGGED’ we mean each subject will be coloured either Red (below 2 sublevels from the end of Year target), Amber (2 or 1 sublevels from the end of Year target) or Green (on or above the end of Year target).

3. You will then review subjects that your child has identified as areas of strength and others that need to be developed to make an action plan.

4. You will also be checking that your child is ready for school in January and reviewing their planner and books.

5. Your child will already have carried out a self-assessment of their academic habits and this will also be discussed.

6. You can assess your child’s credits that were awarded in the last semester.

7. You will then be setting new targets, which will be reviewed through the coming semesters.Finally you will be invited to complete forms for raising concerns or giving complements that need further consideration.

8. Finally you will be invited to complete forms for raising concerns or giving complements that need further consideration.

At this time we would also like to take this opportunity to ask your views on number of questions.

You will therefore been given a questionnaire and we would really appreciate if these could be handed in before you leave in reception. Here you will also find help desks, these are where you raise anything that needs to be dealt with urgently.

We still use National Curriculum levels at Mounts Bay Academy and most students are expected to make 2 sublevels of progress each year. Each whole level is split into 3 sublevels for example level 6 is made up of 6a, 6b and 6c (6a being the highest). If students make 2 sublevels of progress each year this would mean they would make more than 3 levels of progress whilst at MBA. The same is true for KS4, however we use GCSE grades. Progress might not always be smooth as illustrated on the graph below.

Progress Chart

We hope the experience of PRD is positive and helpful in making sure all students achieve their full potential.

Thank you for your continued support.