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Primary Badminton

Todays event was extremely competitive, 7 teams totalling 28 players. There were two groups in which the teams played a round robin. Each player would have two games in each match trying to score as many points as possible in 2minutes. From the groups the winners and runners up progressed onto the semi-finals.

Any team qualifying for the semi-finals qualified for a Penwith Finals Day. Group 1 winners Mousehole A played group 2 runners up Heamoor, group 2 winners Alverton A played runners up St Marys CE.

The final saw a group 1 re-match by Mousehole A and St Marys CE. Mousehole taking the honnors beating St Marys CE 85-74. It was fantastic to see so much enthusiasm amoungst all players and look forward to those 4 teams progressing on to the Penwith Finals with hopes of making the School Games this summer.

Many thanks to Sam Laity and Callum Lee for scoring the matches.


Moushole A, St Marys CE, Alverton A, Heamoor.