Par Athletics

This weekend Miss Rooth and Mr Strong took 17 athletes to Par for the County Combined Athletics event. The students were fantastic and it was a great day, we even had the pleasure of witnessing an exceptional athlete from Richard Lander School get a National qualification distance in the long jump, with a whopping 6.56 metres!
Everyone did really well, with some outstanding results from;
Year 7: Mawgan Osborne 1st in Shot Putt, Andreas Calleja Stain 3rd in the high jump and 5th U12 overall. Immy Wood 1st in the 800 m with a PB of 2 minutes 36 seconds and 3rd overall girl for combined.
Year 8: Ellie Ringwood 1st in 800 m
Year 9: Eddie Hall 1st in the shot with a huge throw in the 4kg weight of 9.78metres. Tyler Tonkin 3rd in the high jump.
Year 10: Rosie Roberts, 3rd in Long Jump, 2nd in the 800m and 3rd overall girl combined. Lizzy Smyth 1st in the Javelin, Beth Mason 3rd in the Javelin. Eden 3rd in the 800m.
We also have a report from Beth Mason (Year 10) which you can see below:

To get to Par we had to have an early start, leaving school at 7:45!

The journey was ok but we were concerned how the weather was going to play out. When we got to the track we had some time to spare and did a warm up before we watched the first students compete in the hurdles. It was very windy and did not help us very much!

When my group went up it was still rather windy but I tried very hard and came joint third in my heat with Lizzy.

After that first event we had some time to spare as we waited to get ready for the long jump. Long jump was one if my favourite events but I had not practised properly for about a year. Though I was please that I came fourth in the overall and glad it was Rosie who beat me and came third.

After the long jump the weather began to take a turn for the worse. The wind became more and more cold and grey clouds threatened to break out in rain. We had an hour to kill before the shot putt which was spent mostly trying to stay warm and keep our bodies loose.

By the time we came to shot it was lunch time and it really began to get really windy and the rain became more and more frequent. We continued and persevered however and Lizzy managed to get second in shot and I another fourth place.

Once again we had a little time to do some things but concentrated on trying to stay warm.  As we started javelin it bean to rain!

It was so heavy we hoped they would call it off but thankfully it died off and we were able to focus better. The javelins went everywhere but Lizzy secured first and I got third, much to my surprise.

The last event of the day was the 800m which we were dreading as the track was still wet and slippery. We were all very tired but gave it our all and Rosie managed to get a place in the top three. Lizzy and I though were struggling but we managed  I complete the track together.

Despite the rain and cold it was a wonderful experience and good fun. I am very pleased for Rosie and to Lizzy, Eden and I who were in the top six. Well done to everybody else who competed on all sides.    

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