Olympic Rowing

On Thursday evening, a number of Cornish Gig rowers raced at St Mawes against members of the GB Olympic squad. Amongst the Cornish rowers were Jessie Pender Carter form Year 11 and Mrs Wheatley. We all found the event great fun and a real experience to row with and against professional rowers.


The first race involved the locals rowing in gigs against the Olympians rowing in 2 coxed fours. The fours being much lighter boats meant that the Olympians won easily.


The team GB rowers then raced in gigs against the locals. This time the local Cornish rowers won easily, the team GB girls finding gigs very different from their light rowing boats.


In the final race the Olympic rowers joined the local crews for a race. In Jessie’s boat was the famous rower Katherine Grainger, winner of a Gold in London and 3 Silvers in previous Olympic games. In Mrs Wheatley’s was Heather Stanning, who partnered local rower Helen Glover in the coxless pairs to Gold medal success in London.


The evening was great fun, and some good racing took place.


Anyone interested in gig rowing can contact Mrs Wheatley for further details.