Numeracy Week

This week the Academy went number crazy for Numeracy Week. The aim of the week, organized by the Maths department, was to get students thinking about why and how being numerate is important and how we can all improve our numeracy skills.


Over the course of the week every student and every member of staff was invited to take part in what was a highly successful week and at times 100s of students taking part in activities simultaneously.


For many it all started with assemblies run by Mr Kent. They highlighted why being numerate is so important and how we should consider re-defining the word failure. In the words of James Dyson, “It’s time to redefine the meaning of the word failure. On the road to invention, failures are just problems that have yet to be solved.”

These assemblies ended with a rapid-fire House competition where students checked their skills again a numeracy test. Holly Locke said, “[the assembly] taught me that I should not be disappointed when I make mistakes, you need to look at what you don’t know and allow this to help you next time.” Emma Eddy added, “the assembly was good for getting my brain warmed up in the morning.”


Throughout the week students have been taking part in an inter-house online competition using The competition finishes at 18:00 on Friday and results will be emailed out shortly afterwards.


As well as all of these activities, students in the Year 7 and 8 took on a countdown challenge in the hall during Maths lessons. This tested and improved their rapid recall of number facts while being great fun.  Callum Hicks, Year 7, said, “it [the countdown challenge] was difficult but fun”


It was not all about maths lessons. Students from all over the Academy reported in about the numeracy being used in other subjects. Look out for the new Numeracy Bugs next week.

Report by Mr Kent

Numeracy Week – Presentation with answers