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Notes on the Green

Review by Kazia Cripps, Year 10

Notes on the green was a great day for everyone involved. It was an acoustic gig for young musicians in Penlee park which happened from 10am until 4pm on Sunday 30th June. It was free entry and children were welcome.

There were 5 schools & colleges performing and an “open mic” session where people could just perform if they had a song ready to go. It allowed people to show their talent and to support others. It gave us, as arts award students, an idea of how to run and organise an event, and make it a success. Each school had a 45 minute slot to perform. One school that got one of the best responses was Helston, who despite only had one performer who did the full 45 minutes, was enthusiastic.
It was organised by Shania Curnow, Kazia Cripps, Charlotte O’Neill and Emily Walker, for golowan weekend, as a part of their Gold Arts Award. The Gold Arts Award programme at Mounts Bay Academy was recently awarded £5000 funding.

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