New Zealand

Report by Callum Lee

The Journey to New Zealand

Monday was stressful. Physics exam in the morning, and then straight onto the train.

Seven hours, and however many games of UNO later, we arrived at Heathrow airport. We then had a seven and a half hour flight to Abu Dhabi, where we arrived to 46°C temperatures, and a sand storm blowing. This resulted in havoc, delaying our flight by four hours. We were all very tired, and admittedly had a few naps on the airport floor. Fourteen hours later, we were in Sydney, and had missed our connection by ten minutes. Ms Kennedy was ready to leap into action, but the airport were very helpful and booked us on the next available flight to Auckland.

After spending our first night in New Zealand in a lovely hotel, we’re now looking forward to travelling down to Rotorua to meet our host families.