Our Da Vinci Awards 

New York Journal

Last month Amy Jackson was fortunate enough to visit New York and New York State.  To help her remember this amazing trip she kept a journal of what she did and the highlights of her days.  She included receipts, pamphlets and tickets for the various places that she visited and stayed.  The journal is filled with so many interesting things that she did including visiting the Statue of Liberty and its museum, the Bronx Zoo and Niagara Falls.  At the NYSCI, which is a science museum in New York, she was particularly interested in an interactive digital world where you could divert a waterfall to grow plants and flowers. The message that she took from this was that it takes a lot of effort to sustain an eco-system.

She also reflected on why the United States is sometimes described as the ‘melting pot’ and has no official language and nearly every known religion is practised.  She also researched the climate of New York state and how the economy has grown and been sustained.

Her journal demonstrates a great deal of motivation and interest in the world around her.  She has produced a very detailed document that others can read and learn from and be inspired by, and that is why it is worthy of being awarded a Da Vinci.

Report by Mr Jack

Click here to download Amy’s New York Journal