Book Reviewers

I recently contacted several publishing houses to ask for book posters in order to promote some of the great new books we have in the library. They were happy to help but Bloomsbury also asked if we would like to receive proof copies of Young Adult novels and give them to students to review. We were really excited to do so and several copies of Flirty Dancing by Jenny McLachlan were distributed. Lowenna Eddy, now in Year 10 and Gemma Coleclough, now in Year 9, wrote reviews which they submitted. The novel has now been published but Bloomsbury were so pleased to receive the girls’ reviews that they have sent them their own signed copies.
We look forward to receiving more proof copies of novels so if you are interested in getting your hands on copies of new novels before they are published come and see Ms Knowles or me in the library. Also, let us know what books you would like to see in the library. It is there for you to use and enjoy.
Mrs Marsden

Review of ‘Flirty Dancing’ – Lowenna Eddy


‘Flirty Dancing’ is one of the funniest, most heart-warming books I have read in a long time. Both the storyline and characters are portrayed so well that you almost wish you were a character!


From the very first lines of the book, you immediately know that it is going to be funny! The opening chapter really set the scene, whilst making you laugh; I was drawn in to continue reading from the first moment!


As a keen dancer myself, I found elements of the novel very realistic! The world of dance has most definitely been represented accurately, and the figures remind me of real people. Furthermore, the character of ‘Bea’ is an extremely accurate portrayal of a young girl coming of age; and I found many parts I could relate to.


The plot follows a warming relationship, which I loved every element of. The setting and situations Bea finds herself in, are all authentic to the modern day. I really enjoyed how the sentences were placed together to create the best possible atmosphere for each scene.


Another major part in the book, which I enjoyed were the sections about the character ‘Pearl’. These give the novel a twist; they really gave me a sense of resentment against her character. This made me fall even more endlessly in love with turning every page, and discovering what rapacious actions she would take next. Moreover, it lit a fire of attention and involvement for myself within the book.


A heart-wrenching piece in the novel is the part when Bea’s gran is put into hospital just before the ‘Star Wars Final’. These descriptions really make you feel a sense of sadness for Bea, and hope for her grandmother to recover. As a result, you become even more involved in the plot.


My favourite part of the book, is on page one-hundred and sixty, where ‘Ollie’ says about really liking ‘Bea’s’ socks… then later saying ‘I really like you’. My friend an I both love this part.  The imagery is crystal clear, and gives you a sense of the two characters’ relationship and how it has developed since the beginning of the book.


Even though the description in the book is sensational, the only piece to possibly improve is the description of ‘Ollie’ and ‘Bea’s’ dance piece in the ‘Star Wars Final’. By extending the writing here, the readers will be even more drawn into the narrative. I was left wanting even more amazing writing in this section about the final dance! Possibly, extensive description of the dance and how the two characters were feeling would be good to include in more detail; this portrayal would add to the suspense in this part.


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and I am sure it will gain huge success with both critics and audiences on the market. I am also extremely excited for the release of the further books in this series, and am eager to read these as soon as possible. I cannot wait to see what the remaining three ladybirds will do in their own interpretations of modern-day life; it will be very interesting to see how the plot develops for each character in their own book. My views on certain characters may even change, and the point of view seen in each book will be much awaited. Furthermore, I love the style of writing shown here, and from this it is clear to see that the author is extremely talented.


Review by Gemma Colclough:

As a 12 year old girl, I am very particular about my choice of books, and am very keen on adventure, comedy and excitement. So when I read this book, I realised it already had a little bit of each.


It’s about a girl getting over her fears and shyness and making the most of what she is doing. In the process she makes new friends and becomes a jive-dancing queen, after being a clumsy two left feet kind of dancer.


I enjoyed it very much and when I put it down, a few seconds later I would pick it up again to see what happen next. I recommend this book and don’t judge a book by its cover.