More Morrab

Another amazing day in Morrab Gardens. Members of 7cool who were yesterday gardening, spent the morning chatting to the residents of Pengarth Day Centre. They paired up, young and old, to make memory books. A great keepsake.

The other half of 7 cool were in the garden with some of 7orange. They had a variety of jobs. Firstly to sand and paint the rest of the benches around the bandstand area. So if you have a seat there this summer, know that it is our students hard work that has made them look so great. Other students were given the job of edging the lawns and making them look neat and tamed. A few students took the responsibility of de-weeding the final flowerbed in that area. And two students helped to create a cactus garden.

With so many jobs for Head gardener Joe and apprentice gardener Jamie and volunteers to do they were all hugely grateful for the time and enthusiasm and effort provided by our students.

After lunch the students provided cake in the sunshine for the Pengarth residents. And Pengarth very kindly provided us all with ice-cream. At the end there was lots of praise and thanks from everyone along with a round of applause. And an invitation from Pengarth for our students to return.

Students really felt they had embraced the theme of the week and discovered a lot about their local community.

Click on an image below to see what they got up to.