Moral Fibre

Report By Mr Yeates

Over the last three days, each Year 8 tutor group has visited Porthcurno Telegraph Museum on a very important mission: to try and prevent the end of the world!

After an urgent briefing by Mr Hall on Monday morning Year 8 students were informed that, after an alien attack, communications across the world were down and it was their job to devise a new encoded telecommunications system to save the human race as we know it.

Therefore, Year 8’s visit to Porthcurno Telegraph Museum has been a vital part of their mission.  During their day at the museum pupils have experimented and learned about communication methods that have been used throughout history including Morse code and fibre optic wires. To their surprise, they also discovered that Porthcurno beach contains several underwater cables that link Cornwall with other countries in a chain of international communication.

This is something they will need to think about carefully if they are going to be successful in their mission!

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