Maths Fun

On Monday 16th we went to Penryn campus at the University of Falmouth. We had a full day of maths workshops with the likes of engineering and mechanics and how it’s used in life; how to stop disease networks; team challenges, and binary numbers!


The first part of the day was about how people have used mathematics to become very rich and very successful! One of the examples included an ex student of Mounts Bay who has gone on to study maths at University and is now earning a rather nice salary.


We then had a workshop on binary. We looked at the Josephus problem and learned how to use binary numbers to solve the sequence.


Our final workshop before lunch was using the centre of mass and gravity to balance things. We looked at the centre of mass of a can of Coke all the way through to balancing a person on a plank of wood.


Lunch was a new experience. The variety and layout of the canteen was so different to what we are used to at school. It certainly makes going to University far more appealing!


After lunch we took part in a Team Challenge. The questions tested our mathematical abilities and even stumped some of the teachers. A great session and a massive well done to Xanthe, Jack and Eleanor for coming in second and winning a fantastic mug!


Finally we took part in a workshop that looks at how maths is used to explore the spread of disease. The concept was introduced in a simple way through the effects of networking and we then played a game to simulate how quickly disease could spread. We explored different ways of overcoming an outbreak and weighed up the pros and cons of vaccinations, quarantine and culling!


To end the day, we had a short prize giving ceremony, which saw Xanthe, Jack and Eleanor receiving their mugs.


Thank you Miss McKenzie for organising the trip and Mr Rowlands for the driving (and stalling)!


Report by Marcus Rowland