Maths Challenge

A team of four mathematicians from years 8 and 9, Isabel Dalgliesh, Nick Trevennen, Ruby Stanbridge and Callum Lee, recently took part in the county finals of the UK Team Maths Challenge. They were posed a variety of problems and puzzles in an atmosphere of great competition but good fun as well. One round had them trying to solve a ‘cross-number’ puzzle with the added twist that one pair had only the across clues and the other had the downs. The final round was a relay in which the second pair only got their puzzle when the first had solved theirs and so on.


Have a try at a few of the questions they had in the first round (they had an average of four mins to solve each of these)


Question3  Find two integers, neither of which has a zero digit, whose product is 1 000 000


Question 6 Shakira chooses, at random, two different single digit numbers, not including zero. She then works out their sum. What is the probability that the sum is a single digit number?


Question 9 The number of diagonals of a regular polygon equals twice the number of sides. How many sides does the polygon have?