March Return

We are delighted to welcome or students back into the Academy and in line with current advice we will be asking students to return on a phased basis using the timetable below:

Monday 8th March – Year 11

Tuesday 9th March – Years 10, 11

Wednesday 10th March – Years 9, 10, 11

Thursday 11th March – Years 8, 9, 10, 11

Friday 12th March – All Year Groups

Children of Critical Workers and those who are vulnerable can continue to attend as normal and blended online learning will continue for all those at home.

We will still be ensuring that all classrooms remain well ventilated and even though the spring is

approaching we will do our best to keep them warm by using our heating systems at their optimum settings. There will occasionally be some colder days to come and we would ask everyone to consider this when deciding wether to wear warmer attire under their school uniform.

As usual we will be promoting good hand sanitisation and provide regular opportunities for this to happen. The Government has also implemented a policy that requires face coverings to be worn at all times when indoors so I would ask everyone to ensure that they have at least one reusable face covering with them for use when inside the building.

The rules for transportation to and from the Academy remain the same but please consider walking or cycling where possible, this is not only beneficial for your health but reduces the opportunity for students to share enclosed spaces with others.

If you come to school by car, think about setting off a little earlier and getting out of the car further away from the school grounds, this will give students a little extra exercise and reduce the number of vehicles in and around the area at busy times. It may even make your round trip faster than usual as there will be less traffic the farther away from school you decide to make your rendezvous point!

All staff and students will be tested when they return to the Academy prior to classroom learning taking place. To ensure that we are able to utilise our time in school for the purpose of learning, we will coach students through two further testing opportunities the following week to give them the confidence to self-test from home in accordance with the wishes of the Secretary of State for Education.

We aware that the testing process is a little daunting for some of you so we will support you through the whole process and, where necessary, continue to test students in school until they and their parents/carers are confident that they can undertake the tests themselves.

More details about how Lateral Flow Testing works can be found by clicking here.

Lessons will take place as normally as possible and as usual students will need the following each day:

• School bag

• Waterproof Coat

• Face Covering – to be worn at all times in the school buildings

• Resealable plastic bag for face covering

• Uniform

• PE kit on a PE day

• Headphones

• Pencil Case

• Pens (Blue and black biro plus black fine liner)

• Pencils – HB and 2B

• Coloured pencils

• Calculator (Casio 83GTX or 85GTX is recommended)

• Rubber

• Pencil Sharpener

• Small pair of scissors

• Glue stick

• Geometry  Set

• Ruler (30cm)

• Water Bottle

• Fully charged iPad (we suggest supplementing this with a low cost power bank as we cannot ensure access to charging points)

• Old oversize t-shirt to protect uniform during Creative Arts practicals

• To be on time! (we don’t want to cross-contaminate our Learning Zones)

If you have any concerns about returning to school, please speak to your form tutor or, if you want to chat to one of our wellbeing team, send an email to and they will contact you to support you through the process.