On Wednesday fifty Year 10 and 11 students visited the Minack Theatre to see Shakespeare’s Macbeth.  The production is an adaptation by Cube Theatre, who combine powerful delivery of the original poetry of the piece with a striking new approach to the play.  Bliss Ellis explained, “the structure of the story had been reworked,  it was very different from the play.  They told the story four times, adding more information each time.”


Despite less than perfect weather, the students seemed to enjoy the experience thoroughly.  “Everything about it was brilliant; the actors, make up, costumes, choreography and music.” Susannah Disley said.


Mr Whiteman, who organised the trip, said he hoped the experience would underpin the students’ literacy and lead to a greater understanding of Shakespeare.  Madison Thomas said, “It has helped me understand, and has given me an insight into the play.”