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Leading Edge Academies Partnershipshare

On the 1st August 2018, Mounts Bay Academy converted from being a single academy Trust to a multi academy Trust. This new legal structure has been set up to welcome other similar schools who wish to work together formally to improve the education of the students in their care.


Our vision is very simple. We aim to provide a “World class education for global learners”.


Currently there are four schools hoping to join the Trust as Founder Members: Five Islands School, St Hilary, Ludgvan and St Buryan. These schools have worked together on many successful joint projects over the last year and a half and are now hoping to share ideas, staff expertise and adventurous learning experiences in a more systematic way to improve outcomes and enable all the schools to become world class.


By early 2019 it is hoped that all of the Founder Members will have joined and we will have one of the highest performing MATs in the country. If we look at the 2018, results we can see that joint average scores of all five schools compared to other schools in Cornwall and the South West, are well above the national and county average. It is therefore my belief that by working together and pooling staff expertise and resources we can confidently predict that we will be one of the best MATs in the country.


See the Leading Edge Academies Partnership website for more details:http://www.leadingedgeacademies.org