Report by Mr Blackabey

Mounts Bay Shukokai karate has now been going for a year.  A hard-core group of students have been training twice a week over this period.

A recent grading has seen four students grade for their green belt or 6th kyu and show great determination and spirit in gaining their belts.  These were Megan Bramley, Lois Evans, Lucy Grant and Rebecca Sincock.

Younger students achieved their yellow belt or 8th kyu, again showing great determination and stamina.  These were Pema Bradley – Peer, Izzy Upton and Perran Tustin

Students had to show ability in basics, combinations, impact work, kata. kata application or bunkai and sparring.  Part of their training also involves real life scenarios and self-defence.  The gradings last over an hour and students have to show focus, stamina and good spirit throughout.

Congratulations to all students who took part in the recent gradings, a brilliant performance all round.  Thanks must also be given to Sensei Jamie Pilcher 3rd Dan from Gulval, who assisted with the grading.  He commented on the excellent performance of all students and high quality of technique.

Two new students have recently joined us; these are John and Joe Warne aged only seven and eight years of age.

Any students interested in starting karate please speak to Mr Blackabey or come along for a taster session on Wednesday evening at 7.00 p.m.  Classes run throughout the year including holidays.